A world player in composite flanges and fittings

Premium quality by injection moulding technologies


Your partner for innovative manufacturing of composite products

Product development and custom made products


Large diameter GRV flanges for GRP pressure pipes

Adhesive bonded up to DN 2500


CNC controlled, high precision tape winding for low and high pressure products

Short and long radius (up to 4*D) GRV and GRE Elbows DN 200 – DN 600


A wide range of manholes, flanges and fittings for storage tanks

With 2.5 mm inner liner in Vinylester resins


High pressure flanges for small and large diameter GRE pipes

Taper/taper connection, inside configuration customised

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SMC and GRV Backing Rings DN 25 – DN 1.400

For thermoplastic and thermoset pipe systems

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Computer controlled fibre and core material cutting

Precise reinforcement and core preforms


Precission, dry fiber placement to guarantee high perfomance products

Optimum glass/resin ratio by Resin Transfer Moulding


Robotised machining to finish composite products

High output with Precise tolerances

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Advantages for Customers

Excellent quality

Rotec has over 25 years of experience in design, production and distribution of GRV and GRE products and always targets delivering fist class products. Rotec has many long standing (20+ years) customer relations.

Quick supply

Supply directly from our manufacturing facility and warehouse in Lelystad, The Netherlands. Rotec holds stock of a wide range of products and the production facility is very flexible in order to accommodate the needs of our customers.

Direct delivery

Rotec delivers to any address worldwide. Alternatively, pick up by the customers transport companies is accommodated as well. 


Our technical staff prides itself in developing innovative products and solutions. Some new products have been developed on customers request, others are based on market trends or the availability of new technology.

Flexible organisation

Rotec is fully committed to deliver any customer request that is within the scope of it’s capabilities. Rotec’s employees are flexible and highly motivated to respond quickly to any logistical or technical challenge.  

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