A world player in composite flanges and fittings

Premium quality by injection moulding technologies


Your partner for innovative manufacturing of composite products

Product development and custom made products


Large diameter GRV flanges for GRP pressure pipes

Adhesive bonded up to DN 2500


CNC controlled, high precision tape winding for low and high pressure products

Short and long radius (up to 4*D) GRV and GRE Elbows DN 200 – DN 600


A wide range of manholes, flanges and fittings for storage tanks

With 2.5 mm inner liner in Vinylester resins


High pressure flanges for small and large diameter GRE pipes

Taper/taper connection, inside configuration customised

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SMC and GRV Backing Rings DN 25 – DN 1.400

For thermoplastic and thermoset pipe systems

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Computer controlled fibre and core material cutting

Precise reinforcement and core preforms


Robotised machining to finish composite products

High output with Precise tolerances

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About Rotec Composite Group

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Over a period spanning more than two decades, Rotec has developed into a leading player and in fact is market leader in the European market for flanges ranging in diameter from 25 to 2500 mm and elbows from 25 to 600 mm in GRV (glass fibre reinforced vinylester) and GRE (glass fibre reinforced epoxy). Rotec also supplies pipe system related products such as tees, reducers and glass fibre reinforced plastic pipes in diameters up to 600 mm. We supply the majority of our products directly from our production facility and warehouse in Lelystad, The Netherlands. In some cases our production facility in India or our office in Dubai handles distribution to end-users.

Wide range of high-quality products

Rotec focusses on the production of high-quality composite flanges and fittings. These specifically have been designed for composite piping systems, composite tanks and scrubbers. Recently tailor made flanges and connections for relining of pressure pipes have been added to the product range. Rotec also supplies glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRV) pipes and GRV Backing Rings for thermoplastic piping systems.

Rotec has a broad experience with the production of composite flanges and fittings using Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) technology. Besides standard products, Rotec offers customized flanges and fittings on request. By keeping many of our products, including pipes, in stock, fast delivery is one of the key benefits we offer to our customers.

In addition to components for pipe systems, Rotec also supplies other custom made composite products, also made by RTM and VI technology. With various computer-controlled machines, special operations are performed, including screw milling in composite products for inserting inserts.

Quality is paramount

Expertise, stability, technology and reliability are the hallmarks of our services and products. Our production process and our suppliers are subject to stringent quality standards. We also guarantee the highest level of quality during the assembly of our products. Our quality assurance plan is ISO compliant, enabling us to guarantee the complete traceability of all raw materials, production processes and quality controls.

Know-how and support

Rotec will supply products rapidly without compromising quality. Our team of technical specialists and service-minded staff have years of experience and are fully aware of our products’ possibilities and our company’s abilities. Internal communication lines are short, allowing us to act quickly and help you in a timely and efficient manner. We will be more than happy to address all your needs, before, during and after installation or assembly.

Rotec Customer and Project reference list

  • Amiblu Europe, all factories (previously Amitech and Hobas


Supplier of DN25 – DN2.500 GRP flanges for over 25 years

  • Future Pipe Industries The Netherlands


Supplier of DN25 – DN1.400 GRE flanges for over 25 years

  • NOV (previously Ameron)


Supplier of DN25 – DN1.400 GRE flanges for over 25 years

  • Shell Refinery Rotterdam


Flanges and fittings DN300 – DN600 GRE for fire fighting systems

  • Siemens Germany


Engineering and supervision Burullus power plant construction Egypt

  • Alstom Power Nederland


Flanges and fittings DN300 – DN1.600 for cooling water systems

  • Reline Europe


Flanges and fittings DN200 – DN1.200 for relining projects

  • Harvest China


Flanges and fittings DN200 – DN600 GRE for high pressure project KOC

  • Bayer Germany


Backing Rings SMC DN25 – DN300 according to Bayer Standard

  • Amerplastics The Netherlands


Flanges DN1.400 GRE for LNG tanker

  • Steklokompozit Russia


Flanges DN150 – DN DN1.600 for GRP pressure pipes

  • Amitech Kazakhstan


Flanges DN150 – DN2.000 for GRP pressure pipes

  • Amiantit Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Flanges DN25 – DN2.000 for GRP pressure pipes

  • Fjords Processing Australia


Tubesheets DN1.800 GRV for pressure vessels

  • Andronaco USA


Flanges and fittings DN25 – DN300 for chemical pipe systems

  • CPT Tankwell The Netherlands


Custom made saddles DN50 – DN300 for tank container

  • Plasticon Polem B.V. The Netherlands


Flanges and fittings DN25 – DN600 for storage tanks

  • FCT Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Backing Rings RTM DN1.200 – DN3.000

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